20,700 Gal Tank Car - GATX 'Service Driven' 98929

20,700 Gal Tank Car - GATX 'Service Driven' 98929




The new Atlas model of the 20,700 gallon tank car was introduced in the mid-Sixties by General American Transportation Corporation, more commonly known simply as GATX. The design is a general-purpose, non-insulated, non-pressure tank car. The Atlas model recreates two major saddle variations (Type 10 and Type 20) and two top platform variations (one- and two-piece). The more common products carried in this tank car were tallow, animal fat, fuel oil, diesel fuel, vegetable oil, soybean oil, fertilizers, lubricating oil, waste oil, and glycol.


  • Detailed five section non-insulated body
  • Detailed top platform
  • Bottom outlet
  • Safety vent
  • Manway
  • Control housing
  • Stuffing box
  • Safety rails
  • Correct lettering to prototype cars
  • Detailed brake gear and pipes
  • See-through end walks