EMD E8A - Amtrak Ph I 298 (DC,DCC & Sound)

EMD E8A - Amtrak Ph I 298 (DC,DCC & Sound)





Prototype Information:

The E8 and E9 diesel locomotives share the similar “bulldog nose” carbody style as the shorter, more popular F7 and were powered by two separate 12-cylinder prime movers (i.e., diesel engines) capable of producing 2250/2400 hp. E8 and E9 locomotives also rode on A-1-A trucks (powered axle-idler axle-powered axle), resulting in an exceptionally smooth ride favored by crews. The E8 and E9 were produced in both A-units and cabless B-units; the A-units were usually built to railroad specification of either single or dual headlight and freight or passenger pilot. Like the F3 and F7 of the same time period, the E8 and E9 were utilized in both passenger and freight service.

Amtrak E8A Phase I

- When Amtrak started operation in 1971, Amtrak did not have its own vehicles, and just like passenger cars, various railway locomotives were taken over and operated with the same paint, but from 1972, most of the vehicles were painted Amtrak. Repainted (Phase I) E8A was repainted as well.
- The Amtrak paint (Phase I) was nicknamed the "Bloody Nose" because of its light gray bodywork with Amtrak's "Pointless Arrow" logo on the side and red paint on the front nose.
- At the time Amtrak didn't name the body paint, but model railroad builders called the first paint scheme Phase I, and used Roman numerals to number all subsequent phases. 

Model Features:

  • Locomotives will be equipped with a mix of body and truck mounted KATO magnetic knuckle couplers.
  • Locomotives feature directional Golden White LED headlights and illuminated preprinted numberboards where appropriate.
  • Locomotives have a powerful five pole motor with all wheel electrical pickup and blackened wheels.
  • Locomotives are DCC Sound fitted by KATO USA.