The Canadian 10 Car Set - VIA Rail

The Canadian 10 Car Set - VIA Rail


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The train was recently upgraded again, adding "Prestige" service cars at the rear. These are Chateau Sleepers and Park Cars converted to gorgeous suites with queen-size beds and private showers. Despite suffering from poor timekeeping by "the freight railway," The Canadian is still VIA's flagship train. It still operates with the original Budd cars, and it still delights riders from around the world.

Set includes the following cars:

  • Baggage: 610
  • Coach: 116
  • Coach: 127
  • Skyline: 516
  • Diner: York
  • Chateau: Chateau Bienville
  • Chateau: Chateau Lasalle
  • Manor: Bell Manor
  • Manor: Wolfe Manor
  • Park: Revelstoke Park

The Canadian lasted with Canadian Pacific until 1978, when it was transferred to VIA Rail Canada. It continued to operate on the original Canadian Pacific routing until 1990, when it was moved to CN tracks. VIA refurbished and upgraded The Canadian to Head End Power and relaunched the sleeper service in 1992 under the "Silver and Blue" branding.