Freight Depot Set

Freight Depot Set




The gray track and road plate that imitates asphalt is suitable not only for use as a cargo yard for cargo handling of container freight cars, but also for reproduction of car trains, KU 5000, auto truck loading and unloading bases such as auto trucks, etc. is.

Main features

Applying Unitram's plate system to commercialize cargo yard for container handling.
The product is 186mm in length and 62mm in width, imitating asphalt, and is composed of a gray orbit plate with a matte finish, a yard road plate, and a combined boundary line for double-track spacing conversion.
The basic set has a total length of 1054mm, 4 track plates, 11 yard road plates, and a single boundary line. It can stop 5 cars with a total length of 141mm such as Koki and Ku. Yellow lines are printed on the four yard road plates that touch the track.
The basic set also includes new accessories for car loading and unloading platforms, car pallets, and car pallets that are ideal for car loading and unloading scenes.
The extension set has a total length of 372mm and consists of 2 track plates and 4 yard road plates. The yellow line is reproduced by printing on the 2 plates in contact with the track on the yard road plate. By combining the extension set x 2 with the basic set, 10 cars of 141mm can be stopped.
When connecting to a uni-track track plan, it is possible to play with the uni-track as a cargo handling line using only the yard road plate as well as connecting with a standard double track spacing of 33 mm.
The included yard road marking sticker includes various lines, arrows, notes, numbers, and lids for Japan and the United States.