SIECO Pulpwood Flat Car - Ashley Drew & Northern 206

SIECO Pulpwood Flat Car - Ashley Drew & Northern 206




The pulpwood car was designed out of necessity, as previous logging style cars were rebuilt out of boxcars or gondolas. The new design made it easy to haul tree trunks, branches, and other cuts stacked in rows of two (With the ends facing out) between two bulkheads bracketing each end. The Atlas 50’ Pulpwood Car was modeled after a SIECO design, with over 800 delivered in the early 1979’s to the Southern Railway, alone. Over time, as demand for pulpwood at mills has slowly decreased, these cars still serve a vital purpose, hauling logs, telephone poles, and other long objects lengthwise between the two bulkheads. The Atlas 50’ SIECO Pulpwood Flat would fit in on your railroad hauling more pulpwood to the mill or bringing a load of logs out of the forest to be cut down.


  • Crisp painting and printing
  • Durable body
  • Free rolling trucks
  • Detailed brakewheel
  • Knuckle couplers