Grab Iron Assortment

Grab Iron Assortment




Modern Wide Cab GE Grab Irons - fits 2 locos
Detailing modern GE locomotives has never been this easy! Over the past few years, many manufacturers in N-Scale have offered modern GE locomotives that have their most recent wide cab design. Up until now, the only way to get the correct grab irons for the cab and nose area was to bend them by hand. We know bending grab irons by hand is a tedious task, so we created a set of grab irons that will drop in place with the handy work of a #80 drill bit (not included) and the drilling template (included).

Installation Instructions
Mounting with the drill template:
1.  Simply tape the drill template in place on the top of the nose and drill through the holes using a #80 drill bit.
2.  Remove the tape and template and mount two 'B' grab irons in place.  Secure with a dab of glue from inside the shell.
Mounting without the drill template:
1. Remove the molded - on rear fan grab iron on your locomotive shell with a sharp hobby knife.
2. Use the markings from the removed grab and place the BLMA part on the shell to locate exactly where you need to drill your two holes (using a #80 drill bit).  
3 . Once your holes are drilled, sand down the surface to totally remove the old, molded - on grab iron if need be (though sometimes you can get things flush with just your blade). We suggest using toothless pliers to grasp the grab iron while installing.  
4. Put the grab iron in place prior to gluing which will give you a good indication of how things are lining up before it is permanently in place.
5. After the grab is lined up, remove it with your toothless pliers then dab the ends in a small amount of glue and reinsert, leaving the grab iron away from (not flush with) the shell.
6. Adjust quickly as the glue sets fast. We also suggest adding extra dabs of glue to the inside of the shell where the ends of the grab iron will poke through.