Diesel GE U30C - Department of Transportation 001

Diesel GE U30C - Department of Transportation 001

Prototype Information:

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Prototype Information:
Introduced by GE as a competitor to the EMD SD40 and SD40-2, the U23C and U30C locomotive chassis’ were one of GE’s earliest locomotive successes. Nicknamed “U-Boats”, these units were used in multiple services, pulling coal trains, general freight, and even as a test-power unit for the Department of Transportation’s subway car experiments in Colorado.

Model Information:
Last produced in 1991, the GE U23C/U30C from Kato has been reworked to modern specification, with a redesigned DCC friendly mechanism and a new detailed underframe which allows the locomotive to be fitted with body mounted, fully automatic magnetic knuckle couplers.

Model Features:
Locomotives feature directional white LED headlights and illuminated preprinted numberboards
Powerful Kato mechanism powered by a 5-pole flywheel motor and featuring a 9 3/4" minimum turning radius - great for hauling sets such as the Kato N Mixed Freight Train Set.
Re-designed body shell to equip the locomotive with body mounted KATO magnetic knuckle couplers.
DCC friendly and ready for drop in decoder installation such as Digitrax DN163K1C.
Smooth rolling blackened metal wheels.
Optional untinted clear headlights and numberboards available for using DCC boards with tinted LEDs.