Operation North Pole Christmas Set 2017 (6 Unit Set)

Operation North Pole Christmas Set 2017 (6 Unit Set)




Spreading the Spirit of the Holidays to Children in Need

Operation North Pole (ONP) is a volunteer-based public charity. ONP works with Chicago’s major children’s hospitals, providing a day of fun and fantasy for families who have a child battling a life threatening illness by hosting a fantasy trip to the North Pole. The magical experience includes, breakfast, a festive train ride to the North Pole, a visit with Santa, winter wonderland fun, entertainment, treats, personal wish list gifts, and much more! It's ONP's goal to provide these families an unforgettable experience amidst very challenging times.

Kato USA has partnered with Operation North Pole to bring these special Christmas Trains - replicas of the real life Christmas Trains that are operated each year - to life as a means to support ONP's goal of spreading the magic of the holidays. To that end a portion of the proceeds from every sale of an Operation North Pole Christmas Train Set goes towards this charitable venture to help fund the chartering of this yearly train!

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About the Train

Each year ONP charters a special Metra train, designing special vinyl wraps that adorn both the outside and the insides of the cars. Each years' design is unique, making each train a festive and colorful display. This train runs on the Union Pacific Northwest Line of the Chicago Metra commuter service, operating not only as a special charter train but remaining in service for a period after the Christmas Train event as rolling billboard to spread awareness of ONP and their goals.

Gallery Bi-Level Coaches and Cab Coaches

The modern Nippon Sharyo-built Gallery Bi-Level is based off of the same concept as the original Santa Fe “El Capitan” Bi-level design concept, whose success went on to inspire such double decker cars as Amtrak’s Superliners and the Bombardier Bi-Level car which is also used in commuter service. Today, gallery Bi-Level cars such as those used by the Chicago Metra commuter service can be seen operating in several states across the United States, such as Virginia and California.



  • F40PH Locomotive Chicago Metra #166 w/ ONP Wrapping
  • Gallery Bi-Level Coach Chicago Metra #6019 w/ "Rosemont" wrapping
  • Gallery Bi-Level Coach Chicago Metra #6181 w/ "Allstate Arena" wrapping
  • Gallery Bi-Level Coach Chicago Metra #6017 w/ "Donald E. Stephens Convention Center" wrapping
  • Gallery Bi-Level Coach Chicago Metra #6018 w/ "Lifesource" wrapping
  • Gallery Bi-Level Cab-Coach Chicago Metra #8436 w/ "Chicago Dogs" Wrapping