Gunderson Maxi-Stack IV 3 Car - TTX DTTX723433

Gunderson Maxi-Stack IV 3 Car - TTX DTTX723433


Deluxe Innovations


Maxi-Stack IV

The Maxi-Stack® IV car is the mainstay of the United States domestic double-stack fleet. It provides a good balance between weight and capacity. It is a three-unit articulated double-stack car that can handle containers from 20’ to 53’ long in the well and containers from 40’ to 57’ long in the top position. The car is about 204 scale feet long.

Our model of these three-unit cars is over 15" long and features precision die-cast metal bodies for superior tracking even when empty. There is no need to add weight to the containers, in fact that will raise the center of gravity. The brake detail, end platforms, steps, grab irons, articulators and other details are injection molded plastic or etched metal. All the walkways are see-through etched stainless steel. Coupler cut levers are bent from wire. They come with BLMA trucks and metal wheels based on Fox Valley Models medium tread design made to our own specifications for great tracking on all kinds of track. The end trucks are 70 ton with 33 inch wheels and the intermediate trucks are 100 ton with 38 inch wheels giving them the look of 125 ton trucks. They are equipped with body mounted operating knuckle couplers.

Like the prototype, the DeLuxe Maxi-IV will fit all standardized 53' or shorter containers in each bottom position, including two 20' containers, and all 40' or longer containers in the upper position. The box has nests allowing it to be used as a storage and carrying case, empty or loaded with containers. Be sure to save the container inserts for transporting them empty or damage may result. The DeLuxe Maxi-IV requires a minimum radius of 12" but will look better on wider curves.

The first batch of DeLuxe Innovations Maxi-Stack IVs is now shipping. There are four (4) road numbers for each of the six road names listed below. All of these road names can be found on the rails throughout the U.S. This batch of cars is the early version of the car body (different from Kato's late version) which is similar in appearance to the Maxi-Stack III. The 3-unit articulated sets come fully assembled, just place each well on the track lining up the articulators and you are ready to run.